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Amphibian photos, Reptile photos

Common frog
Common lizard
Common toad
Edible Frog
European tree frog
Grass snake
Lacerta oertzeni
Sand Lizard
Starred agama

Butterflies, butterfly photos

Amanda's Blue
Black Hairstreak
Black-veined White butterfly
Brimstone butterfly
Common Blue butterfly
Dark Green Fritillary
European Map
Glanville Fritillary

Green Hairstreak
Heath Fritillary
High Brown Fritillary
Holly Blue
Ilex Hairstreak
Large Copper
Large White
Lesser Marbled Fritillary
Lesser Purple Emperor
Marbled White
Mazarine Blue
Meadow Brown
Orange Tip
Painted Lady
Pale Clouded Yellow
Pallas's Fritillary
Purple-edged Copper
Purple-shot Copper
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Red Admiral
Scarce Copper
Scarce Swallowtail
Scarce Tortoiseshell
Silver-studded Blue
Silver-washed Fritillary
Sloe Hairstreak
Small Copper
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Sooty Copper
White Admiral

Dragonflies photos

Broad-bodied Chaser
Emerald Damselfly
Migrant Hawker
Ophiogomphus cecilia

Vagrant Darter

Mushroom photos

Fly amanita
Oudemansiella mucida
Penny bun
Psathyrella spadicea
Rancid bonnet
White saddle
Yellow stagshorn

Photos of insects

Common pond skater
Omocestus viridulus

Plants photos

Bird cherry
European blueberry

Spider photos

Labyrinth spider
Common hammock-weaver

Cross spider
Nursery web spider
Wasp spider

Wildflowers photos

Chickweed wintergreen
Common Hepatica
Corn poppy
Creeping Buttercup
Heath Spotted Orchid
Herb Robert
Lesser celandine
Lily of the Valley
Marsh Violet
Oxeye daisy
Pulmonaria obscura

Wood anemone
Yellow anemone
Yellow chamomile

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