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Valley of butterflies - photos

Valley of butterflies - photos - Brimstone butterfly, Common Blue butterfly, European Map, Swallowtail, Scarce Copper, Glanville Fritillary, Purple-shot Copper, Heath Fritillary, Pale Clouded Yellow, Red Admiral, Large White

Large White - photos, Pieris brassicae

Photos - Red Admiral

Pale Clouded Yellow - photos, Colias hyale

Heath Fritillary  - pictures

Purple-shot Copper - photos, Lycaena alciphron

Glanville Fritillary  - pictures

Scarce Copper - photos, Lycaena virgaureae

Swallowtail - photos, Papilio machaon

Pallas's Fritillary, Argynnis laodice

Small White, Pieris rapae

Purple-edged Copper, Lycaena hippothoe

European Map  - pictures

Common Blue butterfly  - pictures

Photos - Black-veined White butterfly

Photos - Brimstone butterfly

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